" I had very high expectations and I wasn't let down. The team was amazingly talented and the details and products that were used were all stunning.”

- Sammie '17


“This workshop was life changing! I gave me the inspiration I needed and now my business is going into a total 360 degrees change thanks to Sylvie. Not to mention all the pampering, great food and goodies!”

- Tande '17


"It helped solidify the direction I'm going and encouraged me a lot. I can't say enough about how inspiring it was to be in such a beautiful place with like-minded vendors and photographers. It was a special week spent doing something we're all so passionate about. Such a worthwhile investment -- no question! The well roundedness of the entire workshop gave a look at every aspect about this business that is surely helpful. I have no question in my mind that it will really support the current trajectory of my business! “

- Jessica '17


"The team was top notch and very approachable.  The design was beautiful and our sit-down meals were delicious and a great way to get to know each other.  Your candidness and generosity when sharing your experiences was so great!”

-Tessie '17


“The knowledge and experience I came away with, both on the business end as well as the creative side, was so valuable and worth every penny of my investment. The team of vendors was world-class. The location, styling, florals, the attention to details, the little surprises at every turn, the gifts... nothing went unnoticed. Everything was appreciated. We could all see how hard you and the team worked to put it together, and it was amazing.”

- Stephanie '17


"Thanks, Sylvie. You are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for the workshop seat. I am so happy to know you!"

- Michelle '17